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What does it mean to be victorious or to feel that you actually won something? What does it mean to be a warrior?

A warrior is someone who never gives up on small things, because the so called ‘Small Things’ actually matter because:

#1reason: they shape your life

#2reason: they make your life

#3reason: they make you

That’s why I started the 30 days challenge thing, I believed that in order to change the things that my mind thought were big I have to win small battles. And that before winning the war!

A Strong Reason why:

You feel the need to change but you don’t know how? That’s Not the right question to ask! your mind is busy thinking of how and postponing everything just because you don’t know How? You find yourself digging into the wrong spot, because the right one can be just too close. The correct question to ask is why? Why do I want to change? Your mind will work to find a good reason and you know what is better than a good reason? It’s an overwhelming emotion wrapped in your reason to push you even harder to take that one small step towards change.

What does it mean to be victorious?

It means that you succeeded in completing one small task for 30 non stop days, this small victory will assure your mind that : ‘ You won the battle, you were committed, so you can actually win the war!’

#1:Start by doing something you love and for 5 mns a day.

#2: write down what you intend to do everyday before you go to sleep and check each time you complete that task.

#3: Celebrate your small victory!

PS: I just completed my 30 days poetry challenge and I can say that: it feels good and ain’t willing to stop challenging myself and so you! Yes You! Think of the WHY and start now your challenge and your life will change for good!



What is it like to be a human? #litrary #poem #wordsworth #life #love

Inspired by Wordsworth poem ‘The Character’

In his poem Wordsworth mentions so many contradictions in the human behavior, face and inner soul.

So what is it like to be a human?

To be a human doesn’t mean to be flawless or perfect, it means to be capable of admitting and recognizing your mistakes with the attention of correcting them. Yes, humans are Not angles or Demons or Gods. But, they’re made of some components: Greed, love of power, the desire to help others, the search for purity, and the search for perfection. Yet, we’re Not perfect!

If you don’t control your greed and arrogance, you are going to be a greedy person.

If you don’t control your love for power, you are going to be a dictator.

If you help others, you are going to be merciful.

And if you search for purity and perfection, you are going to be above the angles.

So, it’s you! Yes you! Everything is inside you. Love, hatred, jealousy, envy, perfection.

Don’t fuel the wrong emotions because if you do you won’t rest well during the night.

Being a human is a gift

You’re free to choose

Between wrong and right

You’re free to repent or Not

But remember there is

A heaven and there is a hell

Not just above

But here on earth

Inside your body, soul and mind

Yet, we’re not perfect But we’re capable of loving each other and accepting our imperfections!


#30dayspoemchallenge the End #life #hope

The End

What is the end?

An idea dwelling in our minds!

Not real, just an illusion that refuse to die

The end is nothing but the beginning

Of no more sorrows and of long lasting smiles

As we struggle in this life

We forget that the journey’s end

Is a new life

A new beginning because every story has a second part

Time flies by like a fast car

With no engines and refuse to stop by

We change colors and put on masks

We live behind that person afraid of what we’ve already lost

We pass through life not living but half dead

Because we’ve been told that since we don’t have wings

We can’t fly!

Since we’re not rich we can’t rise

Since we don’t, don’t have!

We can’t do anything!

But look at the colored stones in your hand

How many of those are there!

Each human has their stones to play

So don’t look at others palms

Because if you do, yours may lose their charm

It’s never the end, it’s always the beginning!


#29poemchallenge Waking up at Dawn #motivated #challenge

Waking up at Dawn

Waking up at Dawn with a spirit

Still asleep full of ambition

I try to do the things that merit

All my patience and attention

Waking up at Dawn

The light breaks when I pray

That the hard days must be away

And that my life is about to change

That I’m ready to sacrifice

I learn to be happy without

The need of someone else

I want to walk in this life

As spirit that never dies

Waking up at Dawn is sweet

Sweeter than going to sleep

It’s like contemplating over a green field

With the calmness that exist only in the heavens that we want to see


#28poemchallenge Like a Star #poem #literary #challenge

Like a Star

Like a star I shall rise

But if I fall I must kiss the ground

Earth where I don’t belong

I live there exiled

Among the dust and the rocks

I wonder when will I see home again?

When the moon shines I shall dance

I shall laugh with every other star

And I shall rise above them

But, Now I’m in earth

Kissing the dirt

And playing with handful of dust

It’s time to shine in the ocean

To rise up down

Before I find my way home


#27poemchallenge an empty room #poem #literary #life

An empty Room

Sitting in the middle of my empty room

Wondering how is it like to see the moon?

Through an empty hole, or a small cell

Will the atmosphere be the same and have that smell?

Of old days that are long forgotten

Of pain and betrayal that are long thrown

Away from those memories I can say

That I failed to see the moon shining

But now that i am no longer living there

I know that, that small hole is the reason why I am surviving!


#poemchallenge Two love Birds #love #life #poem

Two Love Birds

Two love birds stood on the edge of a cloud

Murmuring, giggling talking with different sounds

One told of their first kiss and love of first sight

The other cried on the memory of their wedding night

How love was and how by time changed

To be nothing but a habit they can’t live without

They decided to pay earth a visit

To see how men and women are living

They found how material human love was

Lacking the smallest emotion,full of fake smiles and old dust

So, they decided that their love was a gift from the sky

While humans are sinking in the dirt

They were flying high!